Bio-Flex® F 1814 (EN)

Particularly tear and puncture resistant, home-compostable bioplastic with biobased content of >40%.

Material Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet OK Compost Home Certificate

Product information

Bio-Flex® F 1814 is based on more than 40% renewable raw materials and has been certified by TÜV Austria as a home-compostable material. Films made of Bio-Flex® F 1814 have a higher tear strength and puncture resistance than those made of the semi-transparent variants of the F 18 series. Thanks to the successful combination of mechanical properties and processability, it is possible to reduce the thickness of blown films to 12 µm. In addition, Bio-Flex® F 1814 is approved for direct food contact.

Biobased carbon content

44% in compliance with ISO 16620

Certified home-compostable

in compliance with EN 13432 at TÜV Austria / OK Compost HOME



Processing methods

You can process Bio-Flex® F 1814 (EN) with these methods: