FKuR radelt fuer das Klima

City Cycling 2022

Cycling together for the climate

"FKuR - Plastics care for Future" is the motto under which we are participating this year as a team in the climate campaign "Stadtradeln". During the campaign period from September 2 to 22, the motto is: Leave the car behind and pedal hard and cover as many kilometers as possible in a climate-friendly way by bike.

On your bikes, get set, go!

Company Bike - we support sustainable mobility

FKuR is participating in the climate campaign “STADTRADELN” for the third time this year. From September 2 to September 22, 2022, FKuR employees will be cycling for a good climate. STADTRADELN is a competition in which the aim is to cycle as many everyday journeys as possible in a climate-friendly way for 21 days. It doesn’t matter whether you already cycle every day or have rarely done so. Every kilometer counts – especially if you would otherwise have traveled it by car.

How you can contribute to climate protection yourself

It’s the many small and large actions that add up to climate protection. If you want to do even more to protect the environment, check out our compilation of 10 simple ideas to “get started right now.” With these tips and tricks, we show what each of us can do in our everyday lives to protect the environment.

02.09.2022 is the starting date!

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