Webinar: biodegradable plastics

Focus on biodegradable plastics: standards, certificates and new products

How bio can a plastic be? Bioplastics, also known as biopolymers or bioplastics, are all polymer materials that are either biobased, i.e. made from renewable raw materials, and/or biodegradable. Bioplastics are therefore biodegradable, biobased or both.

In our March webinar, we are now focusing on the group of biodegradable plastics. This event will not only give you an overview of their diverse technical properties, standards and certifications, but will also show you the diverse possibilities of this special class of plastics by means of illustrative best practice examples.

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Carolin Theunissen

Biodegradable plastics: sense or nonsense?

Take a closer look at biodegradable plastics and their properties together with your speakers Carolin Theunissen and Niklas Voß. Find out exactly what happens during biodegradation, what standards and certifications exist and where the use of biodegradable plastics makes sense. Be inspired by the best practice examples and also take a look at the relevant legislation and communication relating to bioplastics.

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The focus seminar is not (yet) the right one for you because you would rather deal with the basics first? Then take a look at the following areas:

What are bioplastics?

Do you want to know what bioplastics are and how biobased plastic differs from biodegradable plastic? Find out in our knowledge area!

Basic webinar on bioplastics

In our basic webinar “Bioplastics – complex or simple?”, our speakers will explain to you in a clear and easy-to-understandable way what bioplastics are, which products can be made with them and what the possible advantages and disadvantages of using a bio-based or biodegradable plastic are. Find out more here!