FKuR Webinare zum Thema Biokunststoffe

Bioplastics – complex or yet quite simple?


Wibinar: Bioplastics – complex or yet quite simple?

Bioplastics – complex or yet quite simple?

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We bring you closer to the world of bioplastics!

It is impossible to imagine our daily lives without plastics. They are cheap, adaptable and light. However, conventional plastics made from fossil resources are not sustainable and endanger the environment. Reusable and recyclable plastics made from plant-based raw materials are an alternative. For more than 20 years, we at FKuR have been dedicated to the sustainable production of plastics.

Pia Püllen, FKuR

Biobased, compostable or both?

In our free seminar you will learn what bioplastics are, which products can be implemented with bioplastics and what the possible advantages or disadvantages are when implementing products with bioplastics. In several Q+A sessions you will have the opportunity to ask the bioplastics specialists Pia Püllen and Steven Schuitema your questions. We are looking forward to 90 exciting minutes with you!


Steven Schuitema

Steven Schuitema


Presentation of bioplastics

  • Differentiation of bioplastics
  • Differences (characteristics) bioplastics vs fossil plastics
  • Disposal routes
  • CO2 Cycle of the earth
  • CO2 cycle of bioplastics
  • Marketing effort with bioplastics

Product realization with bioplastics

  • How can I use bioplastics to produce my applications?
  • Advantages/”disadvantages” of biobased plastics
  • Advantages/”disadvantages” biodegradable plastics


  • Biobased plastics
  • Biodegradable plastics