2nd Annual Bioplastics Forum

09.06. + 10.06.2022 in Berlin

The 2nd annual bioplasticss innovation forum is a result of the global efforts to reduce such polastic pollution and to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted in the production stage. As consumer demand for sustianable products grow, the production pf plastics from renewable sources has been suggested as one of the means to decrase greenhouse emissions and reduce our dependence of fossil fuels.

The Forum will try to answer spe questions and solve some of the challenges that the industry os facing. Patrick Zimmermann will give you insights into the circular economy in his presentation on June 9 and 10, 2022.

Biopolymers in the context of a circular economy –
Different Solutions for Different Markets

  • Circular Economy, what does this mean?
  • 8 points to design products for a Circular Economy
  • Circular Economy and communication
  • Summary