Biograde® C 9550 WH is a white, opaque cellulose blend particularly applicable for injection moulding. Composed with a high content of natural resources and with a Vicat A temperature of 115 °C, it has an excellent heat resistance.

Biograde®  C 9550 WH can be processed on standard injection moulders equipped with a general purpose screw into disposable cutlery and other complex articles. However, hot runners are not recommended as bioplastics generally tend to degrade when long dwell times and high temperatures are experienced.



The safety data sheet, technical data sheet and processing advice are available for download in pdf format below.

Safety Data Sheet Biograde®  C 9550 WH

Technical Data Sheet Biograde®  C 9550 WH

Processing Advice Biograde®  C 9550 WH


Certificates Biograde® C 9550 WH

Biograde® C 9550 WH meets the requirements of the EN13432 standard and ASTM D6400 and is thus a certified compostable material.

DIN Certco certificate Biograde® C 9550 WH

In addition Biograde® C 9550 WH may be used in contact with food according to EN 10/2011 and US FDA. Due to the complexity of the underlying legal requirements, we kindly ask you to please contact us regarding your specific application.