Biograde® C 5508 is a slightly yellowish and translucent cellulose compound for injection moulding. It contains a high amount of renewable resources and has a Biobased Carbon Content of more than 60%. The cellulose used for this compound is derived from wood from sustainable forestry, no tropical woods are used.

Biograde® C 5508  can be used on standard injection moulding machinery with standard screws and performs in multi-cavity moulds and does not need special screw designs. This compound can be easily coloured and is suited for the contact with food.



The safety data sheet, technical data sheet and processing advice are available for download in pdf format below.

Safety Data Sheet Biograde® C 5508

Technical Data Sheet Biograde® C 5508

Processing Advice Biograde® C 5508 


Certificates Biograde® C 5508

Biograde® C 5508 may be used in contact with food according to EN 10/2011 and US FDA. Due to the complexity of the underlying legal requirements, we kindly ask you to please contact us regarding your specific application.