Spritzguss fuer Biokunststoffe

Bioplastics for Injection Molding


Process reliable production with bioplastics on standard
injection molding machines

Bioplastics are a great alternative to conventional plastics: As biobased plastics, they save fossil resources because they are based on renewable raw materials and thus store CO2 from the atmosphere. But can bioplastics also be used to manufacture reliably on existing injection molding machines? And what do you have to keep in mind when switching from conventional plastics to bioplastics?

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Mücahit Üngör

In our online seminar, you will learn how to manufacture bioplastics on your existing injection molding machines with process reliability and what you should pay attention to when switching from conventional plastics to bioplastics. Our bioplastics specialists Mücahit Üngör and Niklas Voß will go into detail about the properties of the components and their post-treatment. In several Q&A sessions you will have the opportunity to ask questions.



  • Definition
  • Distinction biobased/biodegradable
  • Our resins

Bioplastics especially for injection molding

  • Overview of the portfolio of injection molding materials at FKuR
  • Hints and special features for processing
  • Properties of the finished parts and their post-treatment
  • Selected applications and case studies

Our 360° service

  • Selection of the right bioplastic
  • Certifications
  • Marketing support

Our Granules

You want to get an overview of our granules especially for injection molding?
HERE you can find the granules for injection molding.