Renewable Materials Conference

Learn more about fossil-free sustainable material solutions with a low carbon footprint

The Renewable Materials Conference event takes the unique approach of showcasing all renewable material solutions at one event, as the business community is urgently seeking chemicals and materials based on renewable sources. Ready-to-use, fossil-free, sustainable material solutions with a low carbon footprint are increasingly in demand. Innovative brand owners are already on the lookout for such solutions, especially those that will soon reach the mainstream.

atrick Zimmermann speaks at the Renewable Materials Conference about raw materials, applications and end of live and that it is not only important to close the loop in order to progress towards a CO2 neural industry or society.

How does circular economy work?

“Circular economy” is on everyone’s lips – but how does it work ? Plastic recyclability is a high priority when it comes to policy and consumer acceptance. But still most plastics are made from a CO2 disposable source like petroleum and no one really questions this status quo. Instead of rethinking the status quo, more and more concerns are being raised about renewable resources.

Combination of recycled and biobased materials

The concepts of compostability and biodegradability of plastics are often misunderstood and easily confused, and seen as a threat to recycling. However, it is important not only to close the loop in order to make progress towards a CO2-neutral industry or society. In this case, we need to use bio-based and renewable materials, even if they are naturally biodegradable. We also need to use more recycled materials and combine them with bio-based materials to reduce the emission of new CO2. There is a need to use renewable raw materials that have interesting properties beyond their biodegradability. In his presentation, Patrick Zimmermann will give you insights into the topic “Bioplastics in the context of a circular economy -different markets need different solutions”. Register now!