Flexible Verpackung aus Biokunststoff

Recycling of flexible packaging – Update & Outlook

Lecture: "End-of-life" scenarios of bioplastics

Flexible packaging is a sustainability pro lexible packaging

Flexible packaging makes everyday life easier in many ways. Generally, all this packaging is made of plastic. The advantage of flexible packaging is that it helps to bring products to the consumer protected, safe and in the best quality. Real sustainability professionals, in other words. Thanks to the wide range of design options, they are not only packaging, but also generous advertising space that attracts customer attention.

Recyling of flexible packaging

Through the separate collection of plastic packaging, for example via the Dual System in Germany (better known to consumers as the “yellow bag”), it is already being recycled today. Nevertheless, recycling must be further intensified in order to increase reuse rates. But also the quality of recycling and thus of the recyclate has to be improved to prevent down-cycling of the products. During the webinar “”Flexpack Recycling – Update & Outlook”, Karsten Schröder and his guests will be taking a look at how this can be achieved and how polymer manufacturers can contribute to this.

Is gray the new green?

We at FKuR say no! Especially when it comes to film packaging for food, we need the highest quality. This also applies to biopolymers, whose role will be considered separately in the webinar.

Ptrick Zimmermann, FKuR

“End-of-life“ scenarios of bioplastics

We invite you to listen to Patrick Zimmermann, Member of the Executive Board, on the topic “End-of-life” scenarios of bioplastics” on October 20, 2023 in german language.  Learn what circular economy means today and what end-of-life options exist for biopolymers.