Fachpack 2024

Visit us from 24 - 26.09.2024 in hall 4 / stand number 4-111. FKuR will be showing material alternatives based on renewable raw materials, recyclates and bio-recyclate hybrids for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

Hardly any other industry is currently undergoing as much change as the packaging industry. It is in a constant process of transformation, driven by technological innovations, changing consumer preferences, national and international legislative processes and increasing pressure for sustainability.

The transition to new technologies, from mechanical engineering to recycling, is being driven by necessary sustainability efforts and regulatory changes. Packaging materials and packaging must be rethought. Smart designs serve to make innovations visible.

Prepare yourself and be one step ahead of the competition!

Visit us at Fachpack 2024 in Hall 4, Stand 4-111 and find out

  • how environmentally friendly packaging scores points at the point of sale and ensures an attractive appearance
  • how sustainable your packaging solutions are and where there is still room for improvement
  • how the use of recycled materials can give you a competitive advantage
  • how new, alternative packaging materials can be processed efficiently and trouble-free on modern packaging machines
  • how bioplastics as recyclate can be a valuable resource for the manufacture of other products and how they contribute to a well-functioning circular economy

The FachPack is one of the leading European trade fairs for packaging, technology, processing and logistics. Use this platform to find out about the latest raw material trends, from bio-based plastics to recyclates, technologies and services, and to exchange ideas with our industry experts.

Reuse, recycle and close the loop!

In a circular economy, resource consumption, emissions and waste generation are minimised by closing material and energy cycles. For this to succeed, a comprehensive and closed material cycle is needed in which used packaging and packaging materials are effectively collected, recycled, processed and reused.

How can the packaging industry be transformed towards sustainability and a circular economy? And what do forward-looking solutions look like? It is clear that there is no single solution.

There is also no universal, most suitable material when it comes to material selection – rather, the choice of material depends heavily on the product itself and the general conditions. Anyone developing packaging today must also place a stronger focus on disposal. Thinking outside the box and breaking down material boundaries can open the door to the optimum solution!

Creating new plastic packaging from high-quality recyclates

More sustainability through recyclates? Our resources are limited. That’s why recycling raw materials is essential. High-quality recycling transforms plastic waste into the much sought-after raw material of tomorrow!

We offer high-quality recyclates from post-consumer or post-industrial waste streams as well as compounds that combine renewable raw materials with recycled plastics. Customers can choose from a wide range of grades for injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion. All types are currently limited to use in the non-food sector.

The use of recyclates in food applications poses a number of challenges. These include, in particular, possible contamination, high quality requirements, sensory impairments and legal requirements and specifications.

If packaging manufacturers want to make their food packaging more sustainable today, our bio-based, highly recyclable drop-in bioplastics such as Terralene® and I’m green™ bio-based polyethylenes, which have been tested for food contact, are the right choice.

Environmentally friendly packaging with bioplastics

There is definitely still room for improvement when it comes to making packaging more environmentally friendly. One alternative to traditional packaging plastics are bio-based, non-degradable bioplastics such as Green PE or Terralene®. They offer comparable properties to their fossil-based counterparts, are just as easy to recycle in the established recycling streams and can be returned to the cycle as recyclate. This helps to conserve resources and reduce waste volumes. In addition, the use of renewable raw materials in plastics reduces dependence on limited fossil resources and helps to close the carbon cycle.

FKuR @ Fachpack

If you also want to make your packaging fit for the circular economy, visit FKuR in hall 4 / stand number 4-111 from September 24 – 26, 2024 at FACHPACK in Nuremberg.