European Bioplastic Vortrag auf Messe

European Bioplastics Conference

6/7 December 2022, Berlin

Circular Economy and Recyclability

Circular economy and recyclability are widely discussed topics today. Especially recyclability has a high priority when it comes to politics and consumer acceptance. But still most plastics are made from a CO2 one-way source like crude oil and no one is really questioning this status quo. Instead of re-thinking the actual status quo, more and more concerns are being raised about renewable raw materials. Of course, the concepts of compostability and biodegradation for plastics are often misunderstood and easily confused, as well as seen as a threat for recycling. However, it is essential to close the carbon loop and not only the material loop in order to progress towards a CO2 neutral industry or society. In this case, we need to use biobased and renewable materials; even if they are biodegradable by their nature. Additionally, we need to use more recycled materials and we also have to combine them with biobased materials to reduce the emission of virgin CO2. There is a need to use renewable raw materials that have interesting properties beyond biodegradability.


Bioplastics in the context of a Circular Economy

Do not miss the chance to listen to the presentation “Bioplastics in the context of a circular economy – different markets need different solutions”.


  • Circular Economy – What does this mean?
  • Bioplastics & Communication
  • 8 Ideas for a Circular Economy
  • Summary and Outlook

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