FKuR on Tour  Nicht verpassen: im September heißt es wieder „FKuR on Tour“. Unter diesem Motto nehmen wir als Team wieder an der Klimaaktion „Stadtradeln“

City Cycling 2022 was a complete success

Pedaling for a good climate!

The result is impressive:
2,753 kilometers cycled

Das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen: 2.753 gefahrene Kilometer

For three weeks, the cyclists pedaled very hard for the “FKuR – Plastics care for Future” team and for climate protection. Our team took part in the city cycling campaign for the third time this year.

A big thank you goes out to our eleven actively cycling FKuRler cyclists for their dedicated participation! You have made an active contribution to sustainable mobility and the protection of our environment. A total of 2,753 kilometers were cycled during the campaign.

The FKuR team is one of the top 10 teams in Willich – a remarkable team result.

FKuR Stadtradeln für das Klima

423,9 kg Co2 saved

Our contribution for all: 423,9 kg COo2 saved, less soot in the air and overall a lot of resources saved. Thanks to every single member of our FKuR team!


Wir freuen uns schon, unsere Patenkinder Olga, Joschi und Frido, demnächst bei einem Team-Ausflug mit unseren Drahteseln persönlich kennen zu lernen.

Making environmental protection a practical experience for children

Because we at FKuR care about the environment and want to work together to create a sustainable future for our children, we would like to make an active contribution as a company.

Children can only protect what they know. That is why we support the farm kindergarten in Willich with an animal sponsorship. With our animal sponsorship for the donkeys “Olga” “Joschi” and “Frido”, the food, care and support for example by vet, farrier for the donkey family is ensured.

The kindergarten follows an animal-based pedagogy. The children experience natural cycles through the rhythm of the seasons, from growing food to eating it.

The kindergarten follows an animal-assisted pedagogy. The children experience natural cycles through the seasons, from the cultivation of food to its consumption. Here they learn about the wholeness of nature and help with essential things like harvesting, caring for and daily tending to the animals, and processing food. Natural cycles can be experienced by the children, the give and take is visible and understood.

We are already looking forward to meeting our sponsored children Olga, Joschi and Frido in the near future on a team excursion with our bikes.