Presentation of FKuR  about Bioplastics and Circular Economy

Bioplatics in the Circular Economy: enhancing environmental responsibility

EBC23 in Berlin on December 12nd and 13th, 2023

EBC 23 is one of the leading events for the bioplastics industry in Europe. Attend the event that highlights how biopolymers are driving innovation towards greater sustainability, resource efficiency and functionality.

Innovative bioplastics

Innovative bioplastics can be a sustainable alternative to fossil raw materials. Plastics made from bio-based materials have new properties and can have multiple “end-of-life” options. Bioplastics can be recyclable, biodegradable, and/or compostable. They can be made from biobased, biowaste or renewable resources, and they can help prevent the accumulation of microplastics in our environment and reduce the consumption of finite fossil resources and CO2 emissions.

Compostability and biodegradability of plastics

The concepts of compostability and biodegradability of plastics are often misunderstood and easily confused and seen as a threat to recycling. However, it is not only important to close the loop in order to make progress towards a CO2-neutral industry or society. Patrick Zimmermann will provide insights into this topic in his presentation in Berlin.

Patrick Zimmermann

„Bioplastics and
end-of-life – What makes sense and when?“

Patrick Zimmermann, member of the board, speaks at the EBC23 in Berlin about raw materials, applications and end of live and that it is not only important to close the loop in order to progress towards a CO2 neural industry or society.

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