Eastlon Bio-PET is a partially biobased polyethylene terephthalate whose MEG content (about 30% by weight) is obtained on the basis of renewable plant raw materials. Chemically, Eastlon Bio-PET is identical to conventional PET and can be processed as usual to various plastic articles and subsequently recycled together with conventional PET in the existing PET recycling stream.

The grade Eastlon PET CB-602AB is particularly suitable for the production of bottles and films. Bottles made from Eastlon Bio-PET are characterized by high optical clarity as well as good resistance to a variety of chemicals and oils. Just like standard PET, Bio-PET also has a good barrier against carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2). Therefore, it is particularly suitable for use in beverage or cosmetic packaging.


Data Sheets

The safety data sheet and technical data sheet are available for download in pdf format below.

Safety Data Sheet Eastlon PET CB-602AB

Technical Data Sheet Eastlon PET CB-602AB