Injection blow moulding

Injection Blow Molding

Injection blow moulding is a multi-stage process that produces predominantly rotationally symmetric, seamless hollow bodies (for example beverage bottles) in large numbers, without waste and with a high surface quality. In the first phase, the injection moulding of ‘test tube’-like preforms takes place, usually complete with the finished shaped thread for the closure cap. These are then conveyed, while still in the thermoplastic state, directly into the blowing station on a classic blow moulding machine and then inflated by compressed air until the final container shape is reached. Alternatively, the inflation of the small preforms, which occupy less space when transported, can also be done at the bottler. FKuR has a partially biobased PET for injection blow molding in its portfolio, which is characterized by high transparency and can be processed and recycled like conventional PET. Please contact us directly for this product.

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