Profile extrusion

Profile Extrusion

In the simplest form of profile extrusion, plastic granules (possibly including additives) are fed from the extruder hopper along a heated cylinder by a rotating screw, melted & homogenized and conveyed to the die. Depending on the application, there are a number of variations including the number and rotation of the screws, the screw and cylinder geometry and the structure. The die itself can be fed by several extruders extruding different thermoplastics, (for example recycled materials) resulting in layered or concentric co-extrudates. The die geometry that can be extremely complex and can contain undercuts. The extrudate is fed into a calibration sleeve which ensures that the profile geometry is exactly maintained. Subsequent parts of the machine convey, cool, cut and can decorate the profile.

For the production of profiles, FKuR’s portfolio includes a variety of biodegradable as well as partially or fully biobased solutions.

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