Now we're squeezing the tube!: Cosmetic tube made from bio-based polyethylene

Cosmetic tubes made from bio-based I'm green™ polyethylene (Bio-PE) combine sustainability and recyclability with attractiveness on the retail shelf. This closes the circle: bio-cosmetics packaged in bio-plastic.


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Sustainable tubes from sugar cane

Natural tubes for natural cosmetics

The new organic cosmetics brand Hands on Veggies uses the diversity of the vegetable garden. Vitamin bombs such as kale, pumpkin, carrots and artichoke are used in the care products. All Hands On Veggies products are purely plant-based – and so is the packaging! The Hands on Veggies tubes are made from sugar cane-based Bio-PE and are of course 100% recyclable.

Biobased polyethylene cosmetic tube

Excellent mechanical properties

Tubes made of bio-based polyethylene have excellent mechanical properties, such as a better barrier effect against water.


Lightweight and customizable printing

Die Tuben aus biobasierten Green PE weisen eine gute Bedruckbarkeit für eine hohe Attraktivität auch ohne Umverpackung. So entstehen bei Hands on Veggies umwerfende Designs mit ausdrucksstarken Bildern und viel Liebe zum Detail. So wurde jedes Produkt zu einem Kunstwerk. Lass sie Deinen Badewannenrand zieren.

Visionary packaging: tubes made from sugar cane

The bio-based polyethylene Green PE, which Braskem produces from the renewable raw material sugar cane, is ideally suited for the extrusion of tubes. The mechanical properties and recyclability of the bioplastic correspond to those of conventional fossile PE grades. As a result, they can also be used in the same applications and are also 100 percent recyclable in the PE waste stream.

Vegetables are at the heart of the Austrian organic cosmetics label Hands on Veggies. And because love not only goes through the stomach and under the skin, the company markets its organic cosmetics products in bioplastic tubes made from Green PE. With the bio-based ones, Hands On Veggies is following a holistic solution. The brand owner creates added value and can show consumers how environmental awareness is consistently taken to its logical completion beyond ingredients.

The biobased plastics in the Green PE portfolio are designated drop-in solutions. As such, they replace conventional raw materials without the need to invest in new plastics processing machinery. All blow mold grades combine the required mechanical and barrier properties with resistance to the ingredients and good printability for high appeal even without outer packaging.