The plastic spoon that gives you the rest!

This creative, sustainable and beautifully designed spoon is made from our bio-based and biodegradable plastic Bio-Flex®. With the Balaenos® spoon you get the very last out of your glass.


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Flexible spoon tip

As a chocolate spread lover, you know the problem: desperately trying to get even the last gram of chocolate delight out of the jar. With the Balaenos spoon, that’s no problem. Thanks to its special shape with different curves and flexible edges, the spoon fits perfectly to the rim of the glass. The flexible tip of the spoon follows the contour of the bottom and reaches into small corners. Finally we get the whole jar empty: so food is used up completely, nothing is wasted.


Long handle with notch

Another highlight of the spoon is the notch on the underside of the long, curved spoon handle. This bend in the handle serves to rest on the rim of the glass or cup. So the table stays nice and clean and you can enjoy your food.

Robust and durable

The bio-based spoon is particularly break-resistant yet flexible. The distinctive scoop shape keeps the collected contents on the spoon even when turned, making it a robust and durable spoon. To ensure that the spoon retains its special shape for a long time, it should not be put in the dishwasher to prevent warping.

Bioplastic for injection molding: Sustainable spoon made from the compostable bioplastic Bio-Flex®.

This spoon gives you the rest! The specially shaped Balaneos® spoon helps us to scrape even the last bit of our favorite chocolate spread or jam easily out of the jar. With it, food is used up completely, nothing is wasted. Its special shape distinguishes it from conventional spoons. The spoons are injection molded from thermoplastic in a single process.
The bio-based Bio-Flex® material used for this purpose is characterized by its easy processability, durability, elasticity, a closed surface structure and resistance to fatty and acidic substances. The Bio-Flex® bio-based plastic performs well for the flexible spoon tip due to its distinctive ratio of stiffness and stretchability. The temperature resistance of the spoon is approx. 75°C due to the Bio-Flex® material used.