Terralene® PP 3509 is a biobased material optimized for injection moulding applications. The processing and application characteristics of this material can be entirely compared to those of PP based on fossil materials.

Terralene® PP 3509 offers a high flowability which is necessary e. g. for the production of complex components and products with long flow paths.

This grade is based on about 35 % of renewable resources. This bio-based carbon content can be easily verified with the help of the C-14 method according to ASTM D 6866.



The safety data sheet and technical data sheet are available for download in pdf format below.

Safety Data Sheet Terralene®  PP 3509 

Technical Data Sheet Terralene®  PP 3509


Certificates Terralene® PP 3509

Terralene® PP 3509 may be used in contact with food according to EN 10/2011 and US FDA. Due to the complexity of the underlying legal requirements, we kindly ask you to please contact us regarding your specific application.