SVT2180 is a copolymer of renewable ethylene with Vinyl Acetate (EVA) mainly used for the production of crosslinked foam sheets and other parts. It is a product with easy processability
and high compa bility with mineral fillers, and thermoplas c and elastomeric resins. Other important characteris cs are elas city, flexibility, excellent stress cracking resistance (ESCR),
chemical resistance, and low temperature strength. The exclusive morphologic characteristics give an outstanding crosslinkability.

The components produced with SVT2180 have the following properties:

  • low weight
  • resistance to deformation
  • low shrink
  • high capacity of sicking and color retention

The minimum biobased content of this grade is 70%, determined according to ASTM D6866.


  • Extended midsole
  • soles in sports soles and compact soles,
  • Foamed for production of toys
  • Advertising material
  • Office
  • Furniture
  • Floats
  • Pipes
  • Polymer blends
  • Profiles