Fibrolon® 3D Bamboo  /  Fibrolon® 3D Cork  / Fibrolon® 3D Wood

These three different Fibrolon 3D grades are natural, fiber filled compounds that are biodegradable and suitable for producing 3D printing filaments.
The natural fibres give a component made from Fibrolon 3D a natural look and feel. Depending on the desired appearance, the customer has the choice between a bamboo fibre, a cork fibre or a wood fibre-filled grade.
All of these materials give an attractive, natural-looking surface finish for the printed part or prototype.The reduced brittleness, increased flexibility and excellent flow properties of filaments made from these materials allow warp-free printing of components with minimal shrinkage, providing the optimum printing parameters are used.

All Fibrolon 3D grades use natural European raw materials as the basis for the natural fiber.

The bio-based content for these grades is 75% and can be measured by the ASTM D 6866C-14 method.


Data Sheets

The safety data sheet, technical data sheet and processing advice are available for download in pdf format below.

Safety Data Sheet Fibrolon® 3D Bamboo

Technical Data Sheet Fibrolon® 3D Bamboo

Processing advice Fibrolon® 3D Bamboo

Safety Data Sheet Fibrolon® 3D Cork

Technical Data Sheet Fibrolon® 3D Cork

Processing advice Fibrolon® 3D Cork

Safety Data Sheet Fibrolon® 3D Wood

Technical Data Sheet Fibrolon® 3D Wood

Processing advice Fibrolon® 3D Wood


Certificates Fibrolon® 3D Natural fibres

Fibrolon® 3D bamboo Cork / Wood may be used in contact with food according to EN 10/2011 and US FDA. Due to the complexity of the underlying legal requirements, we kindly ask you to please contact us regarding your specific application.