Terrasol® TC253

Cold water-soluble plastic for the production of water-soluble filaments for 3D printing

Material Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Product information

The cold water-soluble PVOH material Terrasol® TC253 is used for the production of high quality 3D printing filaments. These water-soluble filaments are especially used as material for support constructions to enable the production of overhangs or filigree structures in 3D printing. The great advantage in contrast to other support materials is its fast and residue-free solubility in water. Therefore no organic solvents are required to dissolve structures. As Terrasol® TC253 is 100% biodegradable in its dissolved state, the solution can be disposed of in the normal waste water system.


Soluble in cold water at 10 °C

Typical applications

3D printing filament