Terralene® WF 3516

Biobased WPC made of biobased polyethylene with wood fibers with natural appearance for injection molding and profile extrusion

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Product information

Terralene® WF is a unique combination of biobased plastic with natural fibers. As a result, Terralene® not only has a natural and attractive wood look, but also a very high proportion of renewable raw materials of 90%. This WPC compound is suitable for both injection molding and profile extrusion. Due to its good flow properties it is also suitable for components with long flow paths. With a modulus of elasticity of approximately 1300 MPA, it is significantly more stable than simple bulk plastics. The natural wood look and feel is an additional eye-catcher. Terralene® WF 3516 is also dishwasher safe and approved for contact with food.

Biobased carbon content

90% in compliance with ASTM 6866

Melt flow rate (190°C/2.16kg)

13.0 g/10 min

Processing methods

You can process Terralene® WF 3516 with these methods: