Terralene® GF30

Glass fiber reinforced biobased polyethylene for applications with high wear resistance

Material Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Product information

Terralene® GF30 is a bio-PE based compound reinforced with 30 wt% glass fibers. Due to the compounded glass fibers, it is significantly more wear-resistant than unfilled types. The rigidity of approx. 4,800 MPa is significantly higher than that of the mineral-filled types. Terralene® GF30 is ideal for injection molding and is a biobased alternative to fossil PE-GF grades.

Biobased carbon content


Percentage of glass fibers


Melt volume rate (190°C/2.16kg)

11.0 g/10 min

Processing methods

You can process Terralene® GF30 with these methods: