Bio-Flex® FX 1120

Compostable, biobased bioplastic for the production of certified compostable biowaste bags - for safer and easier collection of kitchen waste

Material Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet OK Compost Industrial Certificate

Product information

Bio-Flex® FX 1120 is a predominantly biobased and industrially compostable plastic granulate. Due to its good tear and wet strength combined with high moisture resistance, it is ideally suited for the production of certified compostable bin liners for organic waste. In addition, Bio-Flex® FX 1120 is approved for contact with food.

Biobased carbon content

50% in compliance with ASTM D6866

Certified industrially compostable

in compliance with EN 13432 at TÜV Austria / OK Compost Industrial & Keimling



Processing methods

You can process Bio-Flex® FX 1120 with these methods: