Bio-Flex® F 9533 WH

Biobased, thermoplastic material with high rigidity and high MFI for injection molding

Material Safety Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Product information

Bio-Flex® F 9533 is a biodegradable compound based on renewable raw materials with properties similar to polystyrene (PS). Thanks to its excellent flow properties combined with its high rigidity, this grade is ideal for injection molding. The high thermal conductivity of the product allows longer machine dwell times. Due to their high density, components made of F 9533 WH feel pleasantly heavy. In addition, Bio-Flex® F 9533 WH is approved for contact with food.

Biobased carbon content


Melt flow rate (190°C/2.16kg)

22.0 g/10 min


Opaque white

Processing methods

You can process Bio-Flex® F 9533 WH with these methods: