Bio-Flex® 3D Clear

Transparent biodegradable bioplastic for 3D printing filaments

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Product information

Bio-Flex® 3D Clear is a biodegradable bioplastic made from 90% renewable raw materials. This bioplastic is particularly suitable for the production of 3D printing filaments for more rigid components with smooth surface properties. In contrast to pure PLA, Bio-Flex® 3D Clear is more flexible and less brittle. In addition to their easy processability, Bio-Flex® 3D Clear filaments are extremely and impressively precise during printing, which makes them suitable for beginners and hobby printers. Components made of Bio-Flex® 3D Clear are not only scratch-resistant and particularly dimensionally stable, but also resistant to water, alcohol, oils and greases. Due to its high transparency, Bio-Flex® 3D Clear can be individually dyed – for maximum color variety.

Biobased carbon content



Transparent and individually dyeable

Processing methods

You can process Bio-Flex® 3D Clear with these methods: