Bioplastics in the Context of a Circular Economy

Reduce, reuse, recycle - circular economy - climate change - green deal: these are the buzzwords of our time. Especially recyclability has a high priority when it comes to politics and consumer acceptance. And still most plastics are produced from a CO2 one-way source like crude oil as status quo. Instead of seeing opportunities for the use of biopolymers, more and more concerns are being raised. However, if we want to make progress toward a CO2-neutral industry or society, it is essential to close the carbon cycle, not just the material cycle. After all, the only carbon cycle that has proven to work is the natural carbon cycle. Renewable raw materials are in accordance with this role model of nature.

In our webinar, we will shed light on aspects of the circular economy and its impact on the plastics industry. We will provide first insights to what circular economy means for plastics, how renewable and also biodegradable materials can provide solutions and what needs to be considered to communicate a "sustainable product" with more precision to the end user.

Webinar: Bioplastics in the context of a Circular Economy
Speaker: Niklas Voß and Patrick Zimmermann
Cost: free of charge
Date: Thursday, September 23rd
Time: 2 pm

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