Renewable resources for the packaging of cosmetic products

To consumers sustainable packaging is becoming as important as the ingredients in cosmetic products. Bioplastics, such as Green PE or Terralene are an exzellent alternative for the production of tubes, bottles and jars for high-value cosmetic products, because they

  • are based on renewable resources,
  • have the same characteristics as their conventional fossil-based counterparts,
  • can be integrated to existing recycling streams,
  • once recycled, are a valuable material for the production of other products and
  • contribute to an efficient circular economy.

But how does your customer recognize sustainable packaging? This invisible feature has to be communicated to the end user in some way, e.g. with the help of logos and certificates such as the Braskem I'm Green ™ logo, the "OK Biobased" certificate from TÜV Austria or DIN certified by DIN Certco. As these help the consumer with orientation, the importance of certifications and markings increases.

Find out how you can use bioplastics to create a comprehensive sustainable concept for your brand and visit us at the CosmeticBusiness in Munich. Visit our exhibitor side of FKuR Kunststoff GmbH. We will gladly send you your free ticket. Just let us know at We look forward to meeting you!

CosmeticBusiness 2020

When: 30.09. - 01.10. from 9h30 – 18h00
Where: MOC München
You will find us in hall 3, booth E02.

Floorplan Hall 3
Cosmetic Business Munich Floorplan

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