Confirmation of REACH compliance

  1. FKuR Kunststoff GmbH complies with the requirements of REACH– Regulation 1907/2006/EC.
  2. FKuR is categorised in the context of REACH as “Downstream User”. We only use externally purchased raw materials. We have got confirmations from all our suppliers that they have fulfilled their obligations concerning REACH.
  3. SVHC – Substances (“Substances of Very High Concern”) >0,1%: - CMR-compounds, categories 1 and 2 - PBT  (persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic) - vPvB  (very persistent and very bioaccumulative) have not been intentionally added for the production of our compounds Bio-Flex®, Biograde®, Fibrolon® and Terralene® and are not known to be present.
  4. In the eventuality that REACH affected the availability of our products, we will inform our customers at an early stage.

To download our REACH confirmation statement in PDF-format please klick here.