VESTAMID® Terra DS is 100 percent natural and in many applications outperforms the niche long-chain nylons. VESTAMID® Terra DS is semicrystalline, which is the reason for its high mechanical resistance and chemical stability. It absorbs only little water. As a result its mechanical properties vary little when exposed to changing environmental humidity, and the material features a high dimensional stability. Because of its chemical and physical properties, and the plant origin of its monomers, VESTAMID® Terra DS is an interesting addition to conventional longer-chain polyamides, and it also meets the growing demand for materials made from renewable raw materials.

VESTAMID® Terra DS (PA 1010) at a glance:

  • 100% based on bio-renewables

  • Carbon Footprint: 4.0 kg CO2eq.

  • High mechanical strength

  • Good UV and chemical resistance

  • Low water absorption so that the mechanical properties are scarcely affected by changes in atmospheric humidity

  • For use at high temperatures

  • High translucency; good transparency with thin walls

  • Fills a position similar to that of the long-chain high-performance polyamides PA 12 and PA 1212