Produced by Evonik, VESTAMID® Terra is a new group of polyamides based on renewable raw materials. As an official distributor FKuR markets and sells Evonik's full range of biobased polyamides worldwide.

VESTAMID® Terra is manufactured from the castor bean (Ricinus Communis) and its oil derivatives. This is then synthesized into monomers and forms the basis of the VESTAMID® Terra product range.

These Biopolyamides are long-lasting, durable high-performance polymers which can be used in a variety of technically demanding applications. 

VESTAMID® Terra material is typically processed using injection molding and extruded to produce fibres and films. 

Currently there are three product lines available within this new group of polyamides:


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Application examples

Gartenschaufel aus Vestamid® Terra
Gartenschaufel aus Vestamid® Terra