Bio-Flex® S 7514 is a biodegradable compound based on polylactic acid (PLA), which has been optimized for particularly comfortable and efficient processing. Thanks to its good flowability (MFR = 27 g/10 min), it is also suitable for use in multi-cavity molds and the production of parts with longer flow paths. 

The high heat resistance (Vicat A = 110 ° C), which is achieved without hot tool, allows for shorter cycle times.

Bio-Flex® S 7514 has a biobased content of 75% and is available in both natural and white. Other colors can be achieved by using a multiplicity of masterbatches.

This grade can be used e. g. for the production of catering applications such as cutlery.

Data sheets

The safety data sheet, the technical data sheet and processing advice are available for download in pdf format below.

Safety Data Sheet Bio-Flex® S 7514

Technical Data Sheet & Processing Advice Bio-Flex® S 7514


Certificates Bio-Flex® S 7514


Bio-Flex® S 7514 may be used in contact with food according to EN 10/2011 and US FDA. Due to the complexity of the underlying legal requirements, we kindly ask you to please contact us regarding your specific application.