End of 2012 FKuR Kunststoff GmbH has been successfully certified to the GKV code of conduct and is committed to important values such as integrity, honesty and human dignity.

FKuR attaches great importance to social responsibility, not only by developing sustainable products, but also by adhering to the highes moral and ethical standards in the contact with suppliers, customers and the companies' employees.

Thus the GKV code of conduct is the ideal base to represent FKuR's commitment to sustainable environmental protection, to ensure occupational health and safety, and to refrain from any child labor, forced labor and discrimination.

GKV-LabelThe GKV Code of Conduct includes both compliance requirements, as well as important ethical and social principles. These include fundamental rules against corruption and anti-trust agreements, as well as international standards such as the UN Human Rights Charter and other recognized ethical principles.

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