Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and are irreplaceable as a habitat for many animal species. About 30 percent of the land surface is covered with forest. However, this number is decreasing considerably: estimates by the WWF indicate that the forest areas are diminishing by 130,000 km² annually.

Because nature and its preservation is of particular concern to us, we at FKuR make an active contribution to climate protection: for each of our 50 employees we planted 10 trees in December 2019!

We have planted 75 wonderful firs, 75 spruces and 350 beeches.

Social Commitment: FKuR plants 500 trees with "I Plant A Tree"

The organisation i plant a tree takes care of our trees professionally and with dedication. At we can visit and observe our trees online. Our personal CO2 metre measures the contribution we make to climate protection live (August 2020: 4 t CO2).

"With this action we give a signal for the protection of the environment. As biotopes, oxygen donors and carbon dioxide stores, each of our trees makes a small but overall sustainable contribution to species richness, climate regulation and human health. A wonderful action as we find!"

Dr. Edmund Dolfen, Founder of the FKuR Kunststoff GmbH

We're not just planting trees!

The topic of environmental protection is close to our hearts, whether in our bioplastics or within our company. Learn more about our strategy for plastics.